Roundtable discussion at the V&A

As part of the programme of events for Money No Object, Irini and I had scheduled a round table discussion, as a research gathering exercise, to focus on some of the many themes inherent in the project; such as future finance, transactions, and how value may be manifested in years to come, wearable technology, the role of design in currency, the impact of digital technology on material value, and what museums will be collecting in the years ahead.

Round table HH presentation

After I had given a short presentation by way of introduction to the project, the ensuing lively discussion covered broad perspectives on the project themes from the point of view of payment industry specialists, V&A curators, design agency creatives, interactive artists, finance innovators, former stockbrokers, and technologists. It was such an enriching debate that will certainly influence my thinking and the project development, particularly in the context of working at the museum. In fact, the group attending also enjoyed the event so much, that at the end of the afternoon it was immediately decided Irini and I should host another round table discussion in August, when I would be able to share the next stage of the project.

Round table research discussion