About the Artist

Heidi Hinder is an artist-maker and researcher. Trained in Jewellery, Silversmithing & Related Products, Heidi’s practice now incorporates wearable technology and interaction design, in addition to more traditional art objects. She explores the opportunities afforded by digital innovation in her work, while maintaining integrity to her craft-based training and an adherence to the value of materials and making.

The artist’s current research, considering the impact of digital technology on future currencies, transactions, and other manifestations of value, initially began during a short residency at The Royal Mint in 2011. This continuing practice-based project, called Money No Object, explores how a tangible human connection might be introduced into digital financial transactions for a more sociable and entertaining method of exchange.

Alongside exploring wearable technology in her practice, examples of Heidi’s sculptural work can be enjoyed in the permanent collections of many national and international museums such as the British Museum, the Goldsmiths’ Company, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the American Numismatic Society in New York.

Artist Heidi Hinder, with her danceable payment method, ‘Tap & Pay’ from Money No Object. (Photo: Tas Kyprianou)