Tech development

The new research and development funding is a fantastic opportunity to work with the brilliant Seb Madgwick, Director and Lead Engineer of x-io Technologies, a company that specialises in embedded sensor solutions. Seb has already worked on the development of a pair of interactive gloves, the MiMu, for musician Imogen Heap, so he is highly experienced in applying the X-OSC to wearables.

This image shows the difference in size between the RFID reader I was using last year (the large black square on the right), and the electronic components that we will be using in the new system now (the group of four items on the left):

Small wearable electronic parts

It was great to work alongside Seb at his lab today, in the University of Bristol’s Engineering department, and I’m looking forward to continuing the wearable tech development over the next few months.

Seb Madgwick and tech