Here the artist Heidi Hinder shares her on-going research, practice and processes….

Tap & Pay

What if coins were plinths, or dancing podiums? Continuing my exploration of physical gesture as a method of payment transaction, this version of ‘Tap & Pay’ plays with the modern near-field contactless means of transferring money. In this instance, dance steps can magically make a monetary donation to a charitable cause. Starting with tiny maquettes, […]

Money Magnate

Just as the technology arrives and is carefully checked through, so the final decisions about which of my ideas to present at the showcase have been given the once over in my mind. In making these decisions, it’s been helpful to revisit my ‘sketchbook’ of quick prototypes, short films and photographs, as a visual reference. […]

Giant coin hoard found at Watershed

In the Craft + Technology timetable, six weeks have already passed, and there are only six weeks to go. Fortified by Leila Johnston’s call to action, I recently vowed to ‘make things fast’ but now it feels as if I should just be ‘making things faster’. Time is quickly evaporating and time is money. Latency […]

Money talks

Recently, I listened to an inspirational online talk, given by Leila Johnston called ‘Making Things Fast’ and have set this as a challenge to myself, particularly as a maker of sometimes detailed, labour-intensive, intricately-made objects. What will happen I wonder, if I adopt this new speedy approach? Well, according to Leila, who cares? It will be the […]

Folk dancing algorithms and trillion dollar coins

As this fantastic opportunity to fuse craft practice with technology interaction kicks off, it’s a great chance to introduce my Craft + Technology residency project from the very beginning. Firstly, here’s a little more about my idea: The project, called ‘Money No Object’, aims to explore notions of value, and value systems, through the lens […]
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